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Oxford style paper is an academic article written by a scholar in reference to the stipulation laid by Oxford University. It focuses on the spelling, punctuation and typographic formats. Oxford style paper is used by Oxford University as its brand identity. Oxford style paper pays attention to specific rules in referencing techniques and citation formats. Oxford style paper uses in-line notations, end notes, annotated bibliographic appendices and footnotes. Oxford style papers are commonly used in the history and philosophy papers. There are several companies providing several Oxford papers such as Oxford style papers, Oxford referencing style essays, Oxford style term papers, Oxford style dissertation,Oxford referencing guide. To come up with a brilliant Oxford style paper the writer must observe the following. referencing style research paper and Oxford referencing guide. To come up with a brilliant Oxford style paper the writer must observe the following.

In writing the Oxford style paper the writer must use Oxford in-line references. In Oxford style paper the in-line notation is written as supra-script markers where the marker represents a given footnote or end note containing the reference material. The marker in Oxford style paper is used whenever a quote from the source is used and they are numbered in the order they appear,specifying a unique footnote.

In Oxford style paper consideration is given to footnotes and end notes. In writing Oxford style paper the writer must ensure that the in-line markers, footnotes or end notes are numbered. During citation the writer uses full citation for the first incident, followed by the name, date and page. Foot notes and end notes are also used for side comments and anything that does not fit the text. In addition in Oxford style paper writing end notes are found in the end of the book before the bibliography and the index.

Bibliography writing in Oxford style paper is different form the other types of writings. In coming up with Oxford referencing guide, Oxford referencing style research paper the writer uses the annotated bibliography at the end of the Oxford style paper. It is usually after the end notes but before the index. In Oxford style paper the entries have a brief description that is annotation of the source and the relevance to the Oxford style paper. In Oxford style paper the bibliography lists all works studied but not directly applied in the Oxford style research paper or Oxford dissertation paper. The writer usually includes the sources he feels are of interest.

Oxford style paper has its own style of summarizing and paraphrasing. In Oxford style term papers, Oxford style dissertations and Oxford referencing style research papers the summary and paraphrasing is different. In Oxford style paper summarizing is presentation of the document in a paragraph highlighting critical information. While paraphrasing is where the Oxford style paper writer uses a sentence to explain the source.

Quotations also matter in Oxford style paper. The quotes of less than thirty words are put in the text of the similar paragraph, while quotations longer than thirty words are put in a separate paragraph and indented from the left margin. But supra-script notion follow the quotation in both cases. But in the third party quotation the supra-script is normal but the original author is also cited.

In addition Oxford style papers have specific rules on the spellings, punctuation and typography. In the spelling Oxford style papers has its format of spelling rules and selection of the specific spellings, punctuation covers the use of hyphens and quotation marks while the typographic formats deals with setting of numbers, use of capitalization among others

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