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Plagiarism is the usage of other people’s literary work without inclusion of a proper citation and acknowledgement. When students use foreign sources of information which are not originally theirs in academic assignments, they are required to include a list of the works cited at the end of their work. Plagiarism is a criminal offense such that students should strive to write non-plagiarized essays at all time to avoid the fines associated with plagiarized work. Some lecturers decline to grade plagiarized essays while non-plagiarized essays earn higher grades thus it becomes important to practice compiling non-plagiarized essays.

A non-plagiarized essay is an academic paper written by students or professional writers out of scratch. The non-plagiarized essay paper is original as it contains information which has been obtained form various sources which is paraphrased to make it original. A non-plagiarized essay is composed of information which is indicated by the instructor in the assignment such that the information contained in the body of the non-plagiarized essay is relevant for the topic.

Resources which are used when compiling a non-plagiarized essay include books, article journals and websites belonging to various institutions. Therefore, a student compiling a non-plagiarized essay reads through the sources containing relevant materials and then seeks for the best way of incorporating the information into the non-plagiarized paper. Some writing styles allow the student or writer to quote paragraphs which are then incorporate din the non-plagiarized paper in a block format especially if the number of words used is more than forty. Quotation marks or a blank line is used to distinguish the quote derived from other source from the non-plagiarized essay.

Non-plagiarized essays which have quotes inside the body of the text must include the name of the author and date of publishing of each and every quote. This is because failure to indicate these details entails that the information belongs to the student which is not true. A non-plagiarized essay therefore is achieved by proper acknowledging the source of any information which is not from the students own source. Consequently, the numbers of sources that are cited are also included in the works cited page where complete sources are indicated such that all details concerning the source of information in the non-plagiarized essay is indicated.

A non-plagiarized essay also involves use of academic sources of information as demanded by the instructor as there are some materials which contain information which is not relevant to academic non-plagiarized essays. Such information should not be included in the non-plagiarized essay as they may cost the student their grade. Information about various sources of information that is used in a non-plagiarized essay is written differently, as the sources also differ. The citation for magazines, books and websites is different and therefore a student compiling a non-plagiarized essay should be conversant with the various formats.

Non-plagiarized essays are usually written using specific writing styles which are indicated by the instructor such as APA, Chicago and MLA. Each of these styles has a unique way of writing down the references and quotes such that at the end he student is able to obtain a non-plagiarized essay.

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