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A literature review gives an account of works published by researchers and scholars. Students may write literature reviews in form of assignments or in form of annotated bibliography. It is written in form of a discursive prose, and does not summarize one piece of literature after the other. Literature review is often part of an essay’s introduction, research report or thesis’ introduction. Students should organize literature reviews into sections presenting themes or including a relevant story.

Literature reviews aim at evaluating and synthesizing published material in accordance to the guiding concept of the research question. Students write literature reviews in order to inform the readers about their knowledge and ideas concerning a topic. Moreover, literature reviews show the strengths and weaknesses of a literature topic. Literature review is a kind of writing defined by a guiding concept. Such a guiding concept may be the problem or issue under discussion, research objective or an argumentative thesis. Students are not supposed to use a set of summaries or mere descriptive list of available material when writing literature reviews.

Literature reviews help students to enhance their knowledge about a topic, and help them gain a wide variety of skills. The skills demonstrated by students writing literature reviews are as following: The first skill is information seeking which is the ability of students to efficiently scan literature. Scanning is done using computerized methods or manually in order to identify the useful books and articles. The second skill is critical appraisal. This refers to the ability of students to apply analytical principles in order to identify valid and unbiased studies. A literature review should portray organization, and must relate to the research question or thesis formulated. A literature review must also synthesize results by summarizing them to known and unknown. The other vital point is for a literature review to identify controversial areas in literature and lastly, to formulate questions that require in-depth research.

A student needs to identify the research question that his or her literature review helps to define. Moreover, a student must identify or know the scope of the literature review, and the types of publications used when writing the literature review. It is essential for a student to do enough research in order to gather relevant material for writing a literature review. Moreover, the research has to be narrow enough to exclude the irrelevant material that do not form part of the literature review.

Critical analysis of a literature review is of the essence. This ensures that a student or writer writers a high-quality literature review. When writing annotated bibliography, students should not summarize each item but instead they should follow themes and critically assess the literature review material. Students should state the scope of the literature review using an overall introduction and conclusion. Grouping of items into sections helps students to show relationships and comparisons.

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