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 Essays are short written pieces of literature that are synonymous with academic evaluations. They are written from the author’s personal view and they contain ideas, thoughts and reflections of the author. There are different types of essays depending on how they handle the topic under question. These types include expository essays, descriptive essays, argumentative essays, narrative essays-just to mention but a few. These different types of essays are used under various circumstances to present academic ideas. The presentation of ideas within the essay should flow so as to coherently express the ideas presented.

Essays are used as evaluation tools for both summative and informal types of assessment. Students must write numerous essays to address the various assignments that are offered by tutors and lecturers. The essays contribute a great deal to the total score and grade attained by the end of any semester or term, and as such they should be written with great keenness. There is usually a lot to be done in college and at times students may not have enough time to complete all their essay assignments because they may have many other academic activities to carry out such as researching and studying.

Other students may also be aware of how to present their ideas coherently within an essay and as such they may require help from more proficient writers that know how to use the various academic writing styles used within academic circles. There are various companies that offer online writing services to students that may need customized essays. These online writing companies offer customized essays for purchase, but before I place any order with these firms I would like to let them know how to write my essay.

This is how to write my essay. Firstly, the essay should have the following sections. The essay should have an introduction which contains the introductory summary that details in a brief and concise manner all that is to be presented in the essay. The company should also know how to write my essay’s introduction in a brief and terse manner whilst ensuring that it details all that is within the rest of the essay. The second section should be body of the essay. The body of the essay should be the main bearer of all ideas to be presented.

 The writer should also know how to write my essay’s body in an appropriate manner because this is the part with great significance and as such it should be presented in a coherent fashion. The body should have a short thesis statement that states exactly the purpose of writing the literary piece as well as the fundamental beliefs about the topic. This is then followed by the literature review section that contains a review of similar ideas and literary pieces that have evaluated similar ideas.  The literature review is then followed by the main discussion of the essay.

In this portion of the main body of the essay the writer present his/her ideas in a coherent manner and in an order that establishes a good flow. The last section is the conclusion part. The conclusion summarizes all that has been highlighted. The conclusion accomplishes a review of the main ideas. This is how to write my essay in terms of the order of sections within the essay.

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