Harvard style paper is an article that uses the Harvard system of referencing. This is where the writer cites the authors surname and the year of publication in the text and provides a list of references in the alphabetical order. The writers who specializes in Harvard style papers provides several services such as Harvard writing style, Harvard style research papers, Harvard citation style, Harvard style bibliography and Harvard style dissertation among others.

In Harvard style papers the writer makes reference to an author in the Harvard style paper,followed by the date in bracket forming part of the sentence in the Harvard style paper. For the writer to have a brilliant Harvard style paper the following can be extremely beneficial.

The writer should the Harvard citation format in Harvard Style paper. In writing the Harvard style research papers, Harvard style dissertation among others the writer should provide all statements, inferences and the views from others authors work in the citation. In Harvard style paper this includes the verbatim, paraphrased and summarized citations in the Harvard style paper.

In writing a Harvard style paper the writer uses in-text citation. This is whereby the Harvard style paper writer writes the authors name and the date of the publication to form part of the sentence. In the situation where the exact date of the publication is known the writer in writing   Harvard style dissertation or the Harvard style research paper may estimate and must be preceded by ‘ca’ or ‘n.d’ to mean no date available.

In addition there may be nuances in the in-text citation during the writing of the Harvard style paper. The text might have two authors with the same last name. This compels the Harvard style paper writer to use initials to differentiate them. Also the writer must use quotation marks in the text of the Harvard style paper where there is verbatim. This makes referencing easier in the review of Harvard style research paper, Harvard style dissertation and any other Harvard style paper.

Harvard style papers also contain a full list of references. The writer of Harvard style paper, Harvard style research paper or Harvard style dissertation gives detailed information of all the in-text citations. This is to serve several purposes such as to remove any doubts of plagiarism and also provide areas for further research using the cited materials.

The Harvard style paper also gives a full list of a complete bibliography. This covers the page number of the cited information in the sources they were taken from. In Harvard style paper the referencing differs slightly with the type of source for instance if the source was a book. The bibliographic details include the author, publication year, book title, edition and volume number if required.

In the writing of Harvard style paper the citation of the journals differ. The reference list in the Harvard style paper will include the author, publication year of the journal, journal title, journal name and the page number of the material used.

The Harvard style paper citation for electronic sources is different. The reference contains the name of the author, journal or book title, publication year, edition and also includes the web address and the date which the material was retrieved.



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