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Customized essay is a personalized article written by a professional essay writer on behalf of the client. There are several types of customized essays such as custom written essays, college custom essays, fast custom essay, need custom essay, custom essay to buy online, American custom essay, custom essay UK and custom research papers among other types. There are several companies formed to offer customized essay services. The customized essay company to have good customized essay may consider the following.

Customized essay should be tailored made to suit the specific customer. This means the company dealing with customized essay should have clients interest in mind this would enable them to come up with a customized essay paper. This ensures high quality customized essay is written and in accordance to the guidelines of the client.

Customized essay should be original. The company providing customized essay services should have strict rules on plagiarism. This is because it is very unfortunate to order for a customized essay to find it has been copied and pasted. The customized essay writing company ought to have plagiarism detecting software that approves the custom essays.

It is vital to consider quality in customized essay writing. The writers should be competent custom essay writers. These writers must have reputable background and vast competence in academic writing and on different topics. This will enable them to produce a high quality customized essay.

Customized essay must be in line with the required writing style. The company dealing with customized essay must come up with the customized essay the client want, write it proficiently in the desired topic and following the writing style specifically stated (MLA,APA,Turabian, Chicago or Harvard.

Time management is essential for any customized essay. Most of the clients who need customized essay are usually time bad and cannot beat the deadlines. The writers of customized essay must be able to produce students work in the agreed time.This convenient for the company and the client. It enables the student to submit the customized essay in time.

To have the best customized essay the writer must use several sources. The secret of producing the best customized essay is to limit the sources to the most recent ones within the last ten years unless the customized essay is meant to defend a historical point.  The sources include the books, journals, periodicals and the internet.

Customized essay should reflect the client and his personality. The customized essay writers should be able to write the customized essay as if the client was the one writing. This is achieved through constant communication between the client and the assigned customized essay writer. Highlighting on the client personality and his thinking put into effective writing.

Customized essay must have a thesis.Customized essay is an argument that requires a thesis; this shows the students standpoint in the topic.It helps in directing the ideas and research. To have a good thesis the customized essay writer should brainstorm either as a group or individually to generate ideas then connect those in a logical manner have a brilliant customized essay.

Customized essay writing involves note taking.The customized essay writer examines the sources, locates the relevant information and makes notes with the inclusion of quotes and footnotes.These notes should not distort the views of the author.It is also very important that the writer gets the facts on the subject not opinions.


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