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Book report paper is a short summary and reaction to a book that the writer has read. Book report paper is usually tailored to the need of the reader though it includes some details. In the book report paper writing emphasis is usually made on the subject matter.Book report paper usually follows a set format but vary in length and complexity depending on the institutional level.

Book report paper contains literary criticism on the book basing on the content, style and merit.Book report paper is usually published to in the newspaper and magazines.It is usually in the paragraph or essay form.

Book review paper is written on the personal point of view of the reviewer to display learning or show their own ideas on the topic of the book.In addition book report paper is an appraisal of the book under the review.

To come up with a good book report paper the writer may consider the following guidelines so as to come up with a master piece book report paper that suits the audience;

Before the writer begins to write the book report paper he must get the basic information from the book. This basic information for book report paper includes the author, title of the book, publisher name, publisher location, publication year and the number of pages.The best way to begin a book report paper is either with the citation or the incorporation of the above items in the book report paper. Critically look at the genre, title, author and the pictures in the book or the jacket cover.This enables one to form the basis of the book report paper.

As the writer reads the book for book report paper he must keep track of the major characters.This is where the writer keeps notice of the main characters, main ideas, quotes, themes, arguments and key ideas.This forms the main body of the book report paper where the writer critically analyses the book so as to draw his own personal opinions.

The next stage of book report paper writing is the preparation for the writing.The writer announces the book and the author.It is here that the writer summarizes what he has learned from the book. Discuss the elements in the book, what u liked and disliked and any recommendation.The writer of the book report paper should consider the principles and the characters the author unfolded in the story. Organization is important here for the summary, then evaluates on the few points in the book and finally recommends the book to others; this is where the writer convinces people to read the book.The book report paper should have the price, publisher and ISBN.

The last stage of the book report paper writing is the revision of the final copy.The writer doubles checks for grammar and punctuation, authors name, characters name, summary of the book and interesting quotes from the book.This helps in verifying and presenting a quality book report paper.

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