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Argumentative essay paper is an article that makes a claim or takes a position or opinion on the subject backed with statistics and other evidence. Argumentative essay explains the opposing review. The writer explains why it is wrong and why he is right. There are several types of argumentative essay such as the high school argument paper, buy argument paper, argumentative essay paper among others. To have an effective argumentative essay the student must have some time to plan for the argumentative essay so as to be able to include some certain elements.

The writer of the argumentative essay should find a good topic to write about. The writer of the argumentative essay considers several issues which have conflicting view points. The topic must be able to spark the writer’s interests. In addition to this the writer of the argumentative essay must also consider what to support and must ensure there is supporting evidence for that point. To achieve this writer during the exploration of the topic can make a list of points to support his claims.

The writer of the argumentative essay must consider the both sides of the topic and take a position. In argumentative essay writing the writer should have a list of points for both sides. The writer must present both side of the essay then later choose a standpoint to conclude with. This should be the strong side of the argumentative essay.

In writing the argumentative essay the writer should gather evidence. The writer should explore both side of the issue under discussion. The evidences provide a nice background for the argument and also provide proof as to why the writer supports his claim or position.

The argumentative essay contains the writing stage. This is the stage after the planning stage. The writer ensures the argumentative essay contains the three parts that is the introduction, the body and conclusion. These parts in the argumentative essay usually vary with the length of the essay.

The writer of argumentative essay must introduce the topic and assert his position. The first paragraph of the argumentative essay should have a brief statement of the topic, background of the topic and the thesis statement. Unlike other essays the thesis in the argumentative essay shows the writers position in the topic.

The body of the argumentative essay should present the both sides of the controversy. This is the main part of the argumentative essay and contains the details of the controversy. The writer ensures the strongest points of the issue are stated as well as the other side .The writer presents his view point and evidence for his claim. The writer of the argumentative essay uses several evidences from statistics, other studies and the anecdotal stories.

The argumentative essay must have a conclusion. This is the last paragraph of the argumentative essay. The writer restates his position in the summary paragraph. The conclusion should be logic

In addition, the writer of the argumentative essay should avoid the use of emotional language. The writer must ensure the evidences are factual and cite the sources.

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