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Most of the new college students find it difficult when using APA format. They need to have different writing style and for this case they should use APA style helper. The following are some of the consideration that the writer needs to consider when writing an APA style paper.

Setting margins

Most of the Microsoft offices are set to their default. In case of office 1997-2003, the margin default is 1.25”. APA style paper requires 1” on both sides. When using 1997-2003 office in writing an APA style paper the writer should open the margin tab on the file menu and type number 1 in all sides.


An APA style paper should be typed, written on a standard-sized paper (8.5” * 11”) and double spaced. APA style paper should use Time New Roman font and should use 10-12 pt. a good writer should set his document before writing the work. When writing an APA style paper the writer should bear in mind that there should be no extra spaces between the paragraphs.

Title page

APA style paper should have a title page. The title of the paper should be on one line. The author’s name should follow and the last should be the name of the institution. In the title page the header should be included


Some of the writing manuals suggest that when writing an APA style paper there should be a running head. The running head should be on the top left of the page. The running head in the APA style paper should be followed by a short version of the title. The version of the title should be in all caps and should be in all pages so as to inform the reader.

The second page of an APA style paper should be the abstract. On the abstract page the word ‘Abstract’ should be centered. Write a short summary of your work on the abstract page. The summary should be about 80 to 120 words.

The body comes after the abstract in the APA style paper.The body of the paper should be written in a straightforward language. This is to facilitate the reader not to have any difficulties when reading. Citation styles should be properly made in the APA style paper.In case the writer has use quotes in the main body of the paper, he should include the authors last name, the year and the page number(s) after the quotation mark.The information of the quotation in the APA style paper should be separated by the use of commas. If the name of an author is mentioned out the parentheses in the APA style paper the writer needs not to repeat the name again.

Citation style is very important in the APA style paper.The writer should cite his sources of information when using some ones ideas.In case the writer assumes to cite the sources the whole APA style paper will be plagiarized. Most of the citation styles used in the APA style paper should be in this format: (author’s last name, year of publication: Morgan, 2010). If the writer has some citation on the main body he should remember to include the reference list on the reference page. All the reference should be listed in alphabetical order, by last name of the author or by the first word in the title of the APA style paper.

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