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An academic writing paper is an article written by a scholar for another scholar usually for a fee. Academic writing includes several activities such as academic writing services, academic paper writing help, online academic writing, the academic paper writing and custom academic writing among other services. Academic writing has been on the rise in the recent times because of the increase in the demand of their services by the students. This is due to the need for high quality academic writing papers and the time constraint. Academic writing involves several process this includes the following.

The first step of academic writing is coming up with the topic. In academic writing, the writer must first come up with the topic of the academic writing. He must understand the theme of the topic.  A brilliant topic should be specific have some academic value, interests the academic writer and also enjoyable the reader.To accomplish these academic writers must ensure the topic is unique. This is extremely crucial in academic writing.

In academic writing, there should be a brainstorming session.In academic writing, the academic writer lists down all the ideas related to the subject. Afterwards, picks the most relevant ideas.The irrelevant ideas are then discarded the remaining ideas forms the main points of the academic writing

Evaluation is also a necessary step in the academic writing.In academic writing, the academic writer carries out some research on the topic to ensure there are sufficient available materials on the subject. Plans the academic writing.In this stage, he evaluates the most valuable arguments and brings them out in the academic writing.

In the process of academic writing, there is also an outline.These are ideas of the academic writing in point form. It is used to guide the writer in the actual academic writing process and ensure that the idea flow logically and helps in interconnecting the paragraphs.They comprise of the statement of the thesis, major ideas, sub topics and the evidences if the argument.

In academic writing process, the writer must have an introduction.This must capture the attention of the reader.This is through the use of the anecdote, dialogue, startling information and summary information.The thesis statement is also introduced in the introductory paragraph.

Academic writing process includes the body of the essay.This is the main part of the academic writing and the writers’ views argument is presented.The ideas presented in the paragraph form.

Academic writing process also contains the conclusion.This is the final paragraph in the academic writing. It brings the closure to the reader by summing up the points.To have a substantial conclusion, it should have 3-4 sentences and contain the main points.The use of the anecdote may bring a real pleasant impression in the conclusion.

Final touches in academic writing are yet another step in academic writing.Here, the writer checks the order of the paragraphs; ensure the essay conforms to the instructions of the client and also the academic writing is logical, flows smoothly and free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Proof reading and editing is the last process in academic writing.The writer reads the academic writing aloud and ensures the language is clear.The academic writing is also edited for spelling and grammatical mistakes most scholars prefer a high quality academic writing.


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